Bank and Non-Bank Lenders

Service more customers and provide more loans.

Nimo has all the functionality you need to improve credit quality and convert more enquiries in days, not months.

  • Enable digital customer service as a priority
    1. Whether you’re responding to regulatory requirements or internal IT upgrades, you can still prioritise building your digital customer servicing capability. Implement online applications including loan calculations and add more features as required.
  • Save on development costs
    1. Nimo seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure so you can spend less money on development costs, and focus your capex on other core business priorities.


Credit Unions

Build your online lending capability in stages.

Start with the basics to capture applications online and add features as you grow.

  • Access best in market technology at low cost
    1. Rather than invest large amounts of capital to build your digital servicing capability, you can buy Nimo and take your customer experience up a level with minimal investment.
  • Leverage our expertise
    1. With both finance and tech expertise, we’re able to easily translate the requirements of your business and develop a custom solution for your needs.
  • Make implementation simple
    1. Nimo’s platform has been built in a way that makes it easy to connect into your back end systems. Simply ‘plug in’ and you’ll be up and running, servicing your customers online in no time.

Local brokers & Aggregators

Boost your business with an automated mobile-first platform.

Nimo has all the functionality and features you need to improve efficiencies and save on costs.

  • Provide consistent experience across all lenders
    1. Nimo has custom capability to connect to various lenders’ products, so you’ll be able to provide great customer experience across all products, that isn’t tied to the lender’s capabilities.
  • Lead market competition
    1. With best in market technology, including advanced pre-assessment tools, you’ll get the edge over your competition by making things simple for your customers.
  • Integrate with your systems
    1. Nimo seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure so you don’t need to spend time and money on development costs to get started.