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Customer overview

Overview of how your Nimo white-labelled platform can improve the customer journey and business efficiency.


Nimo Long Overview

Extended overview of Lenders view of the Nimo platform (time 7:00)

  • Dashboard
  • Forms & Modules
  • Company setup
  • Automated Communications
  • Product Management
  • Auto-Assessment
  • Loan Management

Nimo Overview

High level overview of Lenders view of the Nimo platform (time 1:19)

  • Dashboard
  • Forms
  • Modules
  • Company setup
  • Application management

Nimo Applications

Summary of Nimo application management (time 1:24)

  • Viewing Application Dashboard
  • Updating Application Status
  • First look at Application Details
  • Application requirements
  • Customer notifications

Nimo Auto-Assessment

Summary of Nimo auto-assessment service (time 1:50)

  • Viewing Assessment Dashboard
  • Apply digital Data to policy
  • Manually override referred rules
  • Definition of Approved
  • Submit to loan contracts

Nimo Assessment Builder

Overview of how to build your Assessment rulesets into Nimo (time 1.23)

  • Include/exclude rules 
  • Set values of rules
  • Servicability inc HEM
  • Asset Positon
  • Character & Conditions

Nimo Forms

High level overview of how to use Nimo to make custom forms (time 1:02)

  • Create a new form
  • Select required modules
  • Select visible & mandatory questions
  • Reorder modules
  • Publish and edit forms

Nimo Product

Overview of how to familiarise yourself with Nimo Product Setup (time 1:14)

  • Create your own products
  • Selectable loan features
  • Dynamic Loan Pricing
  • Link Assessment ruleset
  • Dynamic contracting template

Nimo Company settings

Setting up your Company settings and notifications in Nimo (time 1:26)

  • Setup customer form & portal logos
  • Setup customer form & portal colours
  • Customer notification settings
  • Email sender and footer settings
  • Upload custom product pricing file

Nimo Demo Form

View and example of a demo form and customer portal at our “bank.apply-online.” demo site

  • Long form home loan
  • Short form loan demo
  • Product calculations
  • IDyou demo
  • Bank Statements demo