For brokers buried in paperwork, Nimo is a digital platform that helps automate applications and speed up home loan approvals

Work with Nimo lenders to achieve same day assessment

Too many disconnected systems?

  • Save time with less data entry
    1. With your customers self-completing some or all of the application forms, you’ll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business.
  • Monitor the progress of customer applications
    1. Login and view your customers’ application at any time, enabling you to keep track of which stage it’s at in the approval process.
  • Setup without IT support
    1. Nimo’s platform easily connects into your back end systems, so you can simply ‘plug in’ and start servicing your customers online within hours.
  • Improve loan approval processes
    1. With auto-decisioning and immediate approval to settlement if all conditions are met, you can service more customers and finalise the purchase of their new home with no delays.

FREE setup to support Brokers to streamline applications

Nimo’s starter level package is free of setup charges to eligible Brokers, so you get you a professional presence online and improve efficiency

More Features

  • Get notification of updates
    1. Whenever your customer adds information and updates the application, you’ll automatically receive notification so you can monitor their progress.
  • Connect to your systems
    1. Nimo can be configured to work with your current systems such as Aggregator CRM's, to enhance your customer service experience.
  • Meet responsible lending requirements
    1. The online application form has compliance questions built-in, so you’ll meet responsible lending requirements accurately every time.
  • Receive platform enhancements at no cost
    1. All enhancements to Nimo are automatically included in the platform, so you’ll never pay extra for updates.

Get started

Get up and running with minimal time, effort and cost.

  • Low set-up costs
  • Pay per customer application
  • No long term contracts